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   Bruce and Mary Anne Best 


 (as told by Mary Anne)


Bruce’s story  

 On March 14, 1942, at Jasper County Hospital in Rensselaer, IN, a bouncing baby boy was born to William Alonzo Best and Clara Jean (Cochrane) Best. They named their son, William Bruce.  The family lived in Remington, IN.  Bruce has an older sister, Sherry and a younger brother, Ed.  “Bill” owned a poultry business.  “Jean” was a homemaker.  They lived the typical life of those who grew up in the 1940’s-1950’s.  Bruce attended Remington Elementary School and graduated from Remington High School in 1961. He needed one class to graduate and had to repeat his Senior year of high school. (Mary Anne is VERY proud that he did this rather than quitting school.)  Upon graduating, Bruce married Sharon Hoshaw, of Wolcott, IN. They moved to Rochester, IN where Bruce was employed.  Bruce and Sharon became the parents of a daughter, Kelly Lynn Best.  They were married five years and the marriage ended in divorce.  

 Bruce then married Jeanne Ann Hey, of Lafayette, IN.  During their marriage, Bruce carried on a family tradition and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.  They lived the life of the military, moving from base to base while Bruce climbed through the ranks. To this union Paul Quentin Best and Nicole Michelle (Best) Burgess were born.  Bruce and Jeanne were married seventeen years.  This marriage ended in divorce.  Bruce swore off women and marriage. 

Kelly (Best) Jordan has three beautiful children, Timmarria, Rehanon and Greg, Jr.  Timmarria has one daughter, Isis. 

 Paul Q. Best has three beautiful sons, Bradly, Coty and Jordan and also has three beautiful step-children, Amanda, Junior and Brian. 

 Nicole (Best) Burgess has two beautiful children, Alonzo William and Makenzie Jo.


Mary Anne’s Story 

On October 30, 1942, at Jasper County Hospital in Rensselaer, IN, a bouncing baby girl was born to William Henry Templin, Jr and Helen Elizabeth (Coash) Templin.  They named their daughter, Mary Anne.  The family lived in Goodland, IN.  Mary Anne has an older brother, Tom.  “Bill” was a barber all his life.  Helen

was a homemaker.   The Templin's also enjoyed the simple life of the 1940's-1950's.   Mary Anne attended Goodland Elementary School and graduated from Goodland High School in 1960.  Gail Marie (Cochrane) Donahue (now deceased) was a member of Mary Anne’s twelve-year journey through the school system of Goodland.  Gail and Mary Anne were friends.   Gail Cochrane was a cousin to Sherry, Bruce, and Ed.  Mary Anne did not know this until many years later.  In July 1960, Mary Anne married Blanchard E. Childress, Jr.  To this union two beautiful daughters were born, Dianne Marie (Childress) Peck and Terry Annette (Childress) Govostes.  This marriage ended in 1978.  Mary Anne married Norman Zellers in 1979 and this marriage ended (without children) in 1994.  Mary Anne swore off men and marriage.


Bruce Best and Blanchard (Junior) Childress were friends in high school. They ran around together and Mary Anne got to know Bruce while dating "Junior".  Bruce would sometimes come to Goodland after school.  He would pick up Mary Anne and they would ride around, get a Coke,  and generally just have fun. Mary Anne and Bruce were friends!  Bruce is in Mary Anne’s 1959 diary! However, Mary Anne was “in love” with "Junior".    Mary Anne thought of Bruce as just a good friend and somebody she had fun with.  Bruce treated Mary Anne with utmost respect because she was his “buddy’s girlfriend.   After each couple was married, Bruce and Mary Anne drifted apart only seeing each other when Bruce (and Jeanne) were home on leave from the military.  They would visit Mary Anne and Blanchard. In fact there is a snapshot of Kelly, Dianne and Terry taken at the Best’s home! After exchanging Christmas cards and a few letters back and forth, eventually the couples drifted apart totally.  

Bruce moved back to his hometown of Remington in 1984 and opened his own heating and air-conditioning business named “Best-Way Heating and Cooling”.  He was busy raising his two teenage kids and running a business.  There was no time for women in his life.  Kelly was already married and living in Indianapolis. 


Mary Anne lived, and worked, in Kentland most of her adult life and eventually became librarian at Goodland Public Library.  Her daughters were grown, having presented her with four beautiful grandchildren, and life went on.  Without men in her life.

Terry Govostes has two beautiful children,  Sarah Anne (Hoover) Faghihi, and Ryan Daniel Hoover.

Dianne Peck has two beautiful children, "Marty" Peck and Melissa Marie Peck. 


(Switch to 1999) 


By this time, Bruce had been alone for some years. The kids were grown and married with families of their own.  He stayed busy with his computer and taking care of his business.  I was busy being librarian but had a very dull life and was ready to get back into “dating”.  Well, it just so happened I was introduced to a guy from Fowler who belonged to the “JC Cruisers” car club.  We dated for a couple of years.  Lo and behold, Bruce’s sister Sherry, and her husband Jim, belonged to that same car club. Small world isn't it?? (I’m ahead of myself in this particular part of “our” story. ) While at the library, I had access to the Internet, in fact taught beginning Internet classes for three years.   I discovered EMAIL!  One day while going through my mail, I happened to notice an address like this “bbest@…..”  I thought to myself…"could it be??  Could it be the Bruce Best I remembered from high school???”  So, I fired off an email to him asking this very thing.    Sure enough, back came a response that yes indeed, it was the same Bruce Best.  Chatter began to happen! A note here, a joke there. This went on for close to  a year.  I didn’t know it, but Sherry had been after Bruce to ask me out!  I was getting disgusted with the guy I was dating and was beginning to think more about Bruce.    One night as the library was closing who should appear at the door but Bruce!  Eventually he got around to asking me to go for a sandwich with him.    Never having turned down an offer to eat out, I accepted.   We went to Kentland for a sandwich and coffee   and we talked for hours.  It was like all the lost years had melted away.  Conversation flowed like water.  After supper we came back to Goodland,  sat in front of the library and talked some more.  We finally said "Good night", and ended the evening with a big hug.  We  decided we would do this again.  The next evening I had to go to Lafayette and called Bruce to see if he wanted to ride along.  He did, and I don’t think we were apart too much after that. .  Cupid was at work! .  I ended the “relationship” with the other guy and devoted my spare time to being with Bruce.  We dated, and yes it is no different at age 57 than it is at 16.  The same nervousness, the same feelings, the same flutters are there even at our old age.  We were married on May 6, 2000. Bruce gave me the wedding I never had, complete with wedding gown, minister, and a reception in our home.  We were married in United Methodist Church of Remington.  We only invited people who were very happy for us. It was a magical day.   In December 2000, Bruce started working for NIPSCO.  This has been the best thing that ever happened to us.  In August 2001, Bruce was diagnosed with lung cancer.  He had surgery and was back to work in five weeks.  The surgeon and oncologist told us “we got it all”. It was not to be.  In November 2002, we found out Bruce’s cancer had metastasized and he had his second surgery in December 2002. Again, the doctors feel like they got it all again.  Tests showed the cancer was confined to an area in the small intestine, not showing up in any other part of his body.    In fact, it snowed so hard Christmas Eve that I was unable to go to the hospital Christmas Day.  This time he had six months chemotherapy beginning January 2003.  He was very blessed to not suffer really harsh effects and even grew a full beard during this time.  In late May 2003, Bruce and I constructed a water garden/pond in our back yard.  He returned to work in June 2003.  We appreciate and treasure each day together.  Things that were so important a few years ago are no longer major issues in our lives.  Life is important.  We take each day as it comes, and are living happily ever after.






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