Below are pictures of the members of our family and a short comment.  Please click on a thumbnail to enlarge the picture, To get back to the thumbnail images use the "Back" button on your browser.  The kids are shown in order of their age, oldest to youngest.  The grandkids are shown in the same order as their parents.  Enjoy !!

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The ruler of the house....


Bruce and Mary Anne Best


Dianne (Childress) Peck

Mary Anne's oldest Daughter

Kelly Lynn (Best) Jordan

Bruce's oldest daughter

Terry Annette (Childress) Govostes

Mary Anne's Youngest daughter

Paul Quentin Best

Bruce's son

Nicole Michelle (Best) Burgess

Bruce's youngest daughter


Troy Martin Peck, II


Dianne's son

Melissa Marie Peck

Dianne's daughter

Timmarria (Rutledge) Silvers

Kelly's oldest daughter

Rehanon Jordan


Kelly's youngest daughter

Greg Jordan Jr.


Kelly's son

Sara Anne (Hoover) Faghihi

Terry's daughter

Ryan Daniel Hoover

Terry's son

Amanda Lynn Graves

Paul's stepdaughter

"Junior" Tomlinson

Paul's oldest stepson

Brian Ray Tomlinson (with Mom-Charlene)

Paul's youngest stepson

Bradly Quentin Best

Paul's oldest son

Coty Ryder Best

Paul's middle son

Jordan Gage Best

Paul's youngest son

Alonzo William Burgess

Nicole's son

Deceased May 2005 at age 13

Mackenzie Jo Burgess

Nicole's daughter

Great Grandkids

Isis Etoria Wilson

Timmarria's daughter


Paul and Charlene Best

Dianne Peck & Ron Posing

Stephen & Terry Govostes

Marty Peck & Niccole Howe

Ed & Galina Best

(Bruce's brother and sister-in-law)

Jim & Sherry (Best) Putts

Sister and brother-in-law

Tom & Linda Templin

(Mary Anne's brother and sister-in-law)

Our Auntie Mary

Aunt Mary Cochrane and Sherry (Best) Putts